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    Former college hockey player transformed into an entrepreneur, proud husband and dad of twin boys

    My Story

    I grew up the youngest of a big family in Canada (five kids). Like most Canadians, I grew up playing hockey and watching it almost religiously. It started to become my #1 thing in life and I started to excel at the sport at all levels. I had the opportunity to play AAA to college hockey.


    It wasn't an easy road though and I had my fair share of setbacks and roadblocks that stopped me dead in my tracks.


    When I was 15 years old I tore the ACL in my knee and was told I needed surgery to reconstruct the ligament. The surgical team ended up taking a piece of my hamstring and reconstructing my ACL so I could continue to use my ligament-like I did before. The rehabilitation period took 6 months, and I actually made it back on the ice just over 5 months after my surgery, ahead of what most doctors told me would be possible.


    From a young age I've been a fighter and someone that wants to show others what is actually possible when you set your mind on something.


    A few months after I came back from my knee surgery I ended up spraining my wrist, doing, yes you guessed it, playing hockey. Well, at least I thought it was a sprain. After weeks went by and it didn't heal I ended up going to the doctor and after a few set of x-rays, he told me that my scaphoid bone was broken, which is a very tiny bone in your wrist.


    The doctor told me that the scaphoid is one of the worst bones in your body to break because of poor blood supply to certain areas of the bone, meaning it would take a while to heal. The x-ray told us that I needed yet another surgery and this time they would have to take a piece of bone from my hip to reconstruct the scaphoid in my wrist.


    The rehab was yet another 6 months with wires put in my wrist to hold the new reconstructed bone in place. Oh, and I would have to get a new cast every month for 6 months.


    So I ended up having a different color cast each month for over half a year in grade eleven at the age of 16.


    I could have easily quit hockey and decided it wasn't for me, but I chose to keep grinding. I ended up working my way through the ranks and leagues of Junior A hockey in Canada for 3 years after I graduated high school. Living in 4 provinces, playing for 6 teams, and meeting people from all walks of life. Yes it's safe to say my nickname was suitcase.


    After my last year of junior hockey, I accepted a scholarship to attend NAIT in Edmonton, Canada to play college hockey for the NAIT Ooks while also pursuing my business degree.


    I graduated in 2013 with a business administration degree in management and have since immersed myself in the startup, entrepreneurial, and tech ecosystems of North America and the world. My new found passion and where I'm really started to hit my stride.


    I take what I learned from hockey and apply it to all the businesses I'm involved with, the clients or companies I advise, and the projects I'm passionate about.

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