• 90 Day Business & Life Accelerator

    Let's set you up for growth and success in and out of the office

    Q: What does the program entail?

    A: Weekly 1-on-1 calls, bi-monthly master classes with special guest instructors (live streamed), business deep dive & audit, monthly workout and meal plans, recipe list, book list, cheat sheets, monthly live cooking classes + so much more...


    Q: How many people will be in the program?

    A: In order to provide as much value as possible, I am only accepting 10 people to the program. This will allow each business owner or entrepreneur the ability to learn and build their business firsthand with me.


    Q: What can I expect to learn while in this program?

    Business: How to become more efficient and effective in your business, social media growth, personal & business branding, content marketing, content production, partnership development, sales growth, business development tactics, one-page business plan creation, business goal-setting + much more.


    Life: Foods you should be eating more or limiting. Simple ways to prepare healthy meals, easy snacks to take-on-the-go, losing weight and feeling more confident in your own skin, personal goal-setting, and feeling more energy for life.


    Entrepreneurs and business owners need to fuel their bodies with the right energy to prevent burnout and crashing.

    Who is The Program For?

    Growth stage business owners or entrepreneurs looking to gain the skills and knowledge to grow their business and also become healthier in the process. You understand this doesn't happen overnight but are prepared to invest the time and money to achieve your goals.

    Who is The Program Not For?

    Someone that doesn't actually have a business. We want to work with others that are in the trenches themselves and have a business. You have been looking for that advisor to have in your corner to push you to be better, more efficient, and more accountable for reaching your goals. This is where we come in!

    What Can I Expect to Gain From This Program?

    Weeks 1-2

    • Establishing clear personal and business goals
    • Business & health deep dives
    • Have a roadmap to take for the next 90 days (meal plans, workout routines, business goals, revenue or sales targets, etc.)
    Weeks 2-4
    • Feeling more energy in your life, resulting in better results for your business
    • Being taught and shown certain processes/procedures to implement into your business (marketing, sales, automation)
    Weeks 4-6
    • Learning how to properly produce content and effectively implement into your business
    • Gaining the confidence to become a confident healthy home cook
    Weeks 6-8
    • Business development and sales tactics to use in person and online
    • Identifying new revenue streams for your business
    Weeks 8-10
    • A solid foundation built on content creation, business management, execution and overall knowledge in creating effective content and getting your company or brand seen online.
    • Using the power of partnerships and collaboration to increase revenue
    Weeks 10-12
    • Having a world-class network and knowledge of your business & life that others will envy 
    • Seeing growth in your business you didn't know was attainable.

    Every Member of the Program Receives

    (Who doesn't like surprises?)

    Who Will I Be Learning From?

    Rachael Senkow

    Health & Lifestyle Advisor

    • Two-time Top 3 recipient in provincial fitness competitions
    • Named in Top 100 for Status Fitness Magazines "Hot 100" in 2016
    • Graced the cover of a Canadian fitness magazine and several other placements
    • Helped grow a world-wide fitness franchise to over 1000 franchises.
    • Has helped her clients obtain confidence and strength in themselves through a proper diet and fitness routine
    • Addicted to fitness and healthy home cooking
    • Obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Finance
    • Certificate in Nutrition

    Clinton Senkow

    Canadian G20 YEA Entrepreneur

    • Helped projects collect multiple 7-figures in investment capital
    • Co-founder & COO of popular media brand Influencive
    • Secured brand sponsorships with Fortune 500 companies
    • Given keynote speeches in front of 800+ people 
    • Sold single products virtually for over 6-figures
    • Mentioned by Forbes as a "Can't Miss Speaker"
    • Travel hacked my way around the world (I still do it!)
    • Have met and established relationships with some of the top entrepreneurs of our time
    • Obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration focused in Management
    • Certified Culinary Travel Professional from the World Food Travel Association
    • Selected twice as a G20 YEA Entrepreneur representing Canada.